New York Green Entertainer Cliff Spenger has been performing at Festivals, Corporate parties and Special Events for 20 years nationwide and around the globe.
“The Walking Treeman is hugely popular at our Festival. When they catch sight of this huge tree walking toward them, guests gather around by the hundreds for photos and to interact with the “walking tree” all day long. Cliff is a joy to work with and his  interactions with our guests are always appropriate, educational, and fun!” David Dorrell

Artistic Director, Georgia Renaissance Festival

Cliff is available for corporate and private events in all 50 States!

Your Guests Won’t Remember the Food, the Music or the Decorations… They Will Remember the Entertainment!
“The Walking Treeman was the perfect addition to the 18th Annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival. Seemed fitting to have a fellow tree at Ohio’s celebration of North America’s largest native tree fruit, the pawpaw. He was a hit with all ages,a real favorite for family photos. We look forward to having him back in the future!” Michelle Gorman

18th Annual Paw Paw Festival

If these companies can trust Cliff Spenger to make their red letter Events Amazing,
So can you!

Who is Cliff Spenger?

Cliff Spenger’s passion is making your events amazingly successful, entertaining and fun! His interest in nature kicked into high gear in 1996, when, inspired by a pair of stilts and the face of the Green Man, he created his Walking Treeman Character. Since then he has made his living as a Walking, Talking Treeman specializing in Special Events. Cliff customizes his presentations for your group using Bird puppets, Fun clean comedy, Audience Interaction and a little bit of Photosynthesis. Your guests will enjoy the Treeman and remember it for a long time because the presentation was created especially for them. All of this makes you look good to your supervisors and team members.

   Your group will be entertained by the wide range of nature presented by the living Talking Treeman. That is backed up by a total satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Other entertainers don’t dare offer a guarantee on their services but in 20 years performing, not one person has asked for their money back from Cliff.

“The Treeman bought an exceptional magic to FloydFest! Patrons of every age were surprised and delighted to interact with a walking tree! We’ll be working with the Treeman for years to come!” Kris Hodges

Producer, FloydFest

Two Performance Branches of Treeman Magic to make your event unforgettable!

Our Silver Branch Package features:

Oakley the Walking Talking Treeman

One of the important factors in creating a great event is to make sure your guests start having fun right away… minutes after they arrive. You’ll be delighted as you hear gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained and begin taking photos with their personal talking joking Treeman.

This enchanting, fun and intimate form of “Meet and Greet Entertainment” is perfect for large parties or as before show entertainment (as the guests arrive, etc.).

It will leave a lasting impression and the kinds of memories your guests are going to remember forever

Cliff Spenger as Oakley G McDoakley
Watch their reactions when they find out Oakley is ticklish!
19 minutes with Oakley in 19 seconds

Our Gold Branch Package features:

Ride around Entertainment with Johnny G Appletree

The Tricycle riding Treeman

Riding along at 9 feet high Johnny G Appletree is easily seen by your guests as he Tricycles all around your event.


It’s only an illusion of costume and mechanics but the gasps of wonder from the audience are very real.

Johnny greets your guests along the way for photos, a joke or a short tree story.

What Clients Are Saying…

We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to bring Cliff Spenger to your event. Take a few minutes to watch and listen to what other have said about the experience Cliff has provided for their event. We guarantee you will get results like this too!
“Cliff Spenger’s Walking Treeman is a delight to behold. Equal parts mythical and environmental, Cliff sparks an awareness of nature as his Green Man comes to life in front of you. He creates a beautiful photo opportunity and adds a fantastical element to any venue. Outside of the performance, Cliff Spenger is wonderful to work with and goes out of his way to make his appearance work within the event. You can’t go wrong with this larger than life piece of artwork.” Jessy Hamel

Director of Entertainment, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need to get dressed?
Oakley gets dressed using a six foot step ladder and an eight foot stepladder.
As you see here:
What if our guests do not speak English?
Although your foreign quests may not understand every funny joke the treeman makes, they will still be thoroughly entertained and amazed.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, a 50% initial investment and signed agreement is required to secure the date. The event is not fully booked until these two things have been received.
Do you offer a guarantee?
All of our performances are packed up by our full 100% money back guarantee. If you and your guests are not thoroughly amazed and entertained, you don’t have to pay a thing for the show.
In the silver package, are you able to guarantee that you'll make it around to all of the guests?
Well that really depends on the size of your group. It it’s less than 200, I can usually make it around to everyone for sure. However, if you have 200 or more guests, I can only get around to so many people. As I mingle around and entertain and pose for photos with people, other people are mingling too. So it is possible that not everyone would get a chance to experience the entertainment. If you do have a large group, you may consider hiring Johnny G Appletree, my Tricycle riding Treeman who is able to ride around to be seen by the most people.
What form of payment do you accept?
I accept checks, Venmo, and PayPal.
Make the check out to Cliff Spenger
PayPal email is: [email protected]
Will you offend anyone with conservative or religious beliefs?
There are absolutely no controversial racial political or religious references made in the show at all.
I’ve entertained people from almost every religion and ethnic background in the world. My show is G rated.
Are you able to entertain while people are eating ?
Yes, I can but I really don’t recommend it and ask that you don’t make me do it. By the nature of the entertainment, your guests participate with the Treeman and are often asked to help out. This is sometimes difficult when people are eating. And also it’s hard to “watch closely” when you’re enjoying dinner. This applies to all packages, strolling and stage shows.
Are you going to embarrass or offend anyone?
I’m proud to say that absolutely NO ONE is embarrassed in any way. I’ve heard many horror stories of how other entertainers have completely offended guests in the audience with off color jokes and remarks. My entertainment is completely G-Rated and never relies on entertaining people by making fun or laughing at people. “We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you!”
Can you perform the Silver branch package for all of our guests at once instead of small groups?
The nature of the strolling entertainment is that I entertain small groups of people with their own personal 5 – 10 minute Treeman interaction show. I then move on to the next group and move throughout the room.
If our event runs a little late, can we start your performance late?
No. Due to my busy performance schedule, all performances must begin (and more importantly) end on time. Sometimes my busy schedule doesn’t allow anytime for flexibility with this so I do please ask for your cooperation. If you have to start me late, I may be forced to reduce the duration of the performance to accommodate my schedule. Please give yourself some cushion when planning your event’s timeline. Be realistic on how long it may take to serve all of your guests so that I’m not forced to begin while they are still bringing food.

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