Treeman’s Log -Earthdate 3/29/2017TBT

Planting Trees in Mongolia

In 2007, Inspired by Noble prize winner and Activist Wangari Maathai, 

I shared a video of my GreenMan character (represented by a 12 foot tall Walking Treeman) with The Green Belt Movement in Africa.

They posted it on their media page next to a video by the very inspiring Earth Walker Paul Coleman.

Since 1990, he has walked 47,000 kilometers through 39 nations planting trees and spreading a message about the beauty of the earth and why we need to preserve the natural environment that we all need to exist. 

The video he posted was about planting Trees in Chile.

He was in China and saw my video.

He contacted me and sent a link, he wrote, ” look at the attention two foreigners get just walking through China, can you imagine the attention your Walking tree would get.” Paul and his wife Konomi were walking through China, from Hong Kong to Beijing on the ‘Greening the Olympics, Greening The Earth Walk’.

He invited me to come to China and I said “sure thing”

Before meeting them in Beijing, I went to Hong Kong to participate in the very first Earth Day event ever held there.

I met and was hosted by the coordinator of the event, Merrin Pearse and his wife Louise. Merrin is a fantastic eco-networker, a great new friend from New Zealand who is living in Hong Kong.

From Hong Kong, I headed out with 150 lbs of Treeman’s baggage and traveled through China by bus and plane (flying treeman) to Beijing where I first met Paul Coleman as well as his wife author Konomi Kikuchi. It was very exciting as 150 members of our group arrived from Japan and we all got on buses bound for Inner Mongolia.

This YouTube video picks up the story from there.

Grow well,

Cliff Spenger

A Green Man For All Seasons